Causes Of Tooth Problems And Primary Treatment Of Toothache

Teeth are very important in human life. We can't eat anything without teeth. Teeth are the best gift from the creator. But due to some negligence, our teeth may be lost. So we should take care of it. The tooth can be wasted for many reasons.

Some reasons are given below: -

1) Irregular tooth brushing is the main cause, for wasting teeth, Brush your teeth twice a day, one in the morning and another at night. Always try to use good quality toothpaste.

2) All of us should consult a doctor within 6 months. If there is a problem in the tooth, then its treatment is possible. This awareness will protect our teeth from major damage.

3) Keep an eye on the inside of the teeth so that it may not enter anything. If the small food particle stays in the teeth, it should be cleaned immediately.

4) Don't try to break any kind of iron or wire. It may break your teeth. Always be careful about your teeth.
Causes Of Tooth Problems

Some primary treatment of a toothache:

(1) Cinnamon: -

Cinnamon is very effective natural medicine in the treatment of a toothache. The cinnamon contains rich in antibacterial and reduction of pain. Not only decrease the inflammation, but also make dentistry stronger. For these reasons, cinnamon is very beneficial for teeth and gums. If you have a toothache, put a piece of cinnamon on the part of the pain. Stay in a little chew and swallow the juice from the cinnamon. Hopefully, the pain will be reduced in a little while

2) salt and light hot water:

Salt and light hot water are working very good with tooth pain. Take half a teaspoon of salt and mix with a glass of light hot water, then take the water in the mouth for a minute. Keep doing this several times.


Cut a part of ginger and chew with painful teeth. If you feel more pain in ginger chewing, then chew with the other side teeth 'Pain will disappear from 1 to 5 minutes. 

4) Garlic: 

Take a piece of garlic and keep it on the teeth. Garlic contains antibiotics; There is another element, which is effective in reducing pain. Take garlic powder or take some garlic cloves. Apply the direct mixture to the affected teeth. Follow these steps for a few days. 

5) LEMON: 

Lemon juice also helps in the treatment of dental pain. Cut off a part of the lemon then use it on teeth and gum

6)Cold ice: 

Cold ice is very effective in the treatment of dental pain. Don't usage ice directly on the teeth. 

Finally, I want to say that teeth are a valuable property for our human life. So take care of your teeth and smile with pleasure.

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