Hair Fall Problem and solutions

Hair can fall for many reasons, Main reasons are given below


The very known problem of head skin is dandruff. Dandruff may create due to excessive dry skin and fungal infections. Very useful coconut oil to moisturize the hide of the head.This will provide moisture for the skin and hair of the head and prevent fungal infections.
Hair fall problem and solutions

Not keep hair clean:

One of the big reasons for hair fall may be not cleaning your hair regularly. Regular hair care help to prevent hair loss. Keep in mind that the shampoo you use for hair washing should be soft.

Dry hair:

Due to dryness, it looks euphoric and unhealthy to see the hair. The hair is broken and the fragrance becomes fragile. So it is necessary to take extra care to keep the hair soft and healthy.

Wet hair comb:

Advice for those who have a lot of hair loss is not to comb the wet hair.Hair is very weak in wet condition and when a little tension comes out of the hairstyles. So dry the hair well before then comb and always use a large tooth comb.

Hair Fall solution:-

Oil massage:

Oil massage Another effective tip for hair loss is to massage oil on your hair. Take a little time in your head to make sensual oil like almond oil, olive oil or coconut massage. It will keep the head skin healthy and reduce hair loss.

Zinc and iron:

Zinc and Iron keep a major role in supplying oxygen to our skin. And the head is responsible for the fall of the hair due to the lack of oxygen on the skin of the head. So take zinc and iron to stop hair fall. For example, Peanuts, Nuts, Lizards, Meat, Milk. Do not forget to put these foods on your food list.


There have plaques in the hair. If stimulated by the vibration, new hair growth can be possible. Available in the market to buy vibration messenger. With this help you turn round the scalp and you can take a vibration massage on your head. Give more attention to the place where hair is falling.


Use shampoo that will help you lose your scalp dead cells. These dead cells block the pulse of scalp, which can not cause new hair.Because the blood circulation decreases in Scalp. Take a soft shampoo and wash it like a massage on the head and wash it with cold water.
This method is called medication. After many researches, two drugs called Finasteride and Minoxidil are being used to grow hair. Minoxidil's two conventions are available. 2% and 5%, 2% Minoxidil for girls and 5% for Minoxidil boys. It is known in the market as XENOGROW

Hair is the beauty of our head and body, so everyone needs to take care your hair regularly.

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