Reduce belly fat at home. tips and trics

Fat is very harmful to every person. It makes your body lazy and sick.Both men and women look ugly if the belly fat rise. But the belly fat increases due to our irregularities and bad eating habits. It is dangerous to everyone, the accumulation of fat in the belly. Because once the fat is increased, It is very difficult to reduce. Everyone should be careful about belly fat. We can easily get the release of the fat of our belly. We just need to follow some solid steps.

Exercise is the golden rule of fat reduction:

Fast Method

 A) According to the figure, put a flat in front of the floor and sit in front of it. The body and head will be plump and take a deep Breath. Do this task several times. Then spread the two hands in such a way that it remains simple as far as possible and stay as long you can

B)Then, like the figure B, turn around dextral and the opposite of the cut. Keep an eye on those who do not have any folds in hand. Do this many times. Try at least 10 times per day

c)Try to touch the fingers of the left foot with the right hand like Figure C, And wait a minute. Use the left hand and right leg in the same way and stay one minute. This will lay stress on your stomach and it will help to reduce the fat.Keep doing this 10 or more times. Try this exercise at the same time every day.

2nd method: 

This method will help us to reduce the stomach fat and reduce the fat on your hand and feet. Whose hands are thicker than the body and fatter than the chest, they can easily get benefits from this exercise.

Let's learn this method quickly : 

1) Stand right and keep your feet long in front. Take breath for several times like before. Now fold your knees. Then slowly bring the knees near the chest like the first image. Hold up and wait one minute.

2) Hold the legs to the chest and lie down slowly and try to be sited again. Do this so many times. At least 8-10 times per day.

3)Exercise 10 to 50 times daily with a dumbbell.

Diet control helps reduce fat. Some diet controls are discussed below:- 1)Avoid Sugary Foods, Stop eating foods that contain sugar. Sugary foods increase stomach fat. Take honey instead of sugar. 2)Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily

If you want to reduce fat, you need to build up a habit of drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day. Water helps to improve the digestive system and removing the toxin which helps reduce stomach fat.

Make a habit of eating vegetables: Vegetables contain protein and adequate fiber. Eat vegetables if you want to reduce stomach fat. 4) Add some spices in the food menu: ' Eat the cinnamon, ginger, spices, pepper spices. These spices help us reduce the body's sugar level.

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